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3 Ways to Spread the Love with Recognition

Showing you appreciate those around you should be a daily habit, but in the spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Week we think it’s the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile. Your Facebook feed is probably peppered with the nice gestures people are doing for strangers. Maybe someone in front of them at the coffee shop bought their coffee, or there was a sticky note of encouraging words left on a bathroom mirror.

It’s a fresh of breath air to see people treat each other with such kindness. But, there are also acts of kindness you can do to recognize the people in your life. Here are three simple ways you can spread the love by appreciating the people around you.

  1. Tell your boss you appreciate them and why. We often emphasize the importance of managers delivering recognition and appreciation, but this should always be a two-way street. The role of a manager is often selfless and there a lot of happenings that go unnoticed. Let them know that you appreciate their hard work and all they do to support your work.
  2. Give a compliment. Take a moment to appreciate the dedication of a co-worker who stayed late to help the team finish a project. Or, someone who recently changed their look and you haven’t had a chance to let them know how much you love it. Take the extra time and give a compliment that will put a smile on someone’s face. Be genuine about your delivery, give the recipient your full attention, and have a sincere conversation.
  3. Surprise! Give those who enable the office to run smoothly and cleanly, and those who support the daily operations a surprise. These people are often overlooked and underappreciated. The janitor, mail carrier, snow remover, and other building service staff may not be employed by your company, but they do contribute to the success of the organization. Let them know that you value their hard work by giving them a note, gas card, or treat. 

Take advantage of the small moments in your day that can positively impact another’s day. A bunch of little gestures will quickly add up to create a better environment for everyone. Give the compliment. Write the thank you note. And, be kind to those around. Most importantly be responsible for the vigor you bring into the workplace.

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