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An Open Letter to Bosses Everywhere.

Dear Bosses,

Yes, we’re talking to you. All of you. You see, Boss’ Day is coming up, and, with it, a few different outcomes: 1) Nothing, 2) Spiteful placement of a toad in your desk, 3) A showering of gifts, flowers, balloons, love, adoration, etc.

Think for a moment. What will your Boss’ Day be like? Because what it is like will probably be telling of what you’re like.

Whether you realize it or not, you hold great power. And, we’re not talking about the power to will fist bumps and fanfare upon yourself. Though those may come.

We’re talking about how you make your employees feel on a day-to-day basis. There are some of you; many of you, we hope, who realize how much your employees need your feedback and appreciation. How much they need to feel valued and that their work matters. How much of what you do makes what they do feel more purposeful.

It’s those of you who get it; who know that the congratulations email sent, the thank you note written, the little reward given are worth way more than the little bit of time they took you to carry out.

You are the champions.

You are the ones who make great places to work. The ones who keep their best talent, year after year. The ones who inspire extra-mile attitudes. The ones whose employees cry tears of joy instead of tears of frustration.    

To you, we raise a glass. You’ve earned your moment in the spotlight.

Now, carry on.

Oh, and Happy Boss’ Day!

The RecogNation Team

P.S. Sometimes even the most deserving bosses don't get recognized on Boss' Day. If you're one of them, don't despair! Remember, building a culture of recognition can start with one person—and that change can start with you! Contact us today to lean how.