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Didn’t Get the Memo? Events Are the New Inter-Office Communication.

As a veteran employee of RecogNation, I’ve experienced my share of celebrations. In fact, I found myself in the midst of one just three days in to my tenure here. And, coming from many years of doing nothing, ever, for anything, I was a little overwhelmed. It happened again a few months later and I thought: who ARE these people?!

Of course, these days I can’t say things like they, or them, or these people. They’re my people now. And we like to party. We party in the winter, we party in the summer, we party because it’s Tuesday. Yep. Just Tuesday. Because…why? Because it’s what we believe in.

We know that taking the liberty to create something special out of anything opens up a lot of opportunities. Opportunities to engage. To communicate. To appreciate. I never would have believed, in those first days here, that there was anything strategic going on while I was being showered with Nerf rockets, but, naturally, there was.

Think about it: how would you like to hear from your CEO? From a posting on the bulletin board? By inter-office memo? (Someone is still making those manila envelopes, I think.) In an all-staff email? None of these is very personal. And, not one allows for any true dialogue. A one-way delivery is not the best way for leadership to convey a message, and it’s also not the best way to receive one.

This is why frequent, well-planned events are so important. They’re not only a chance to bring everyone together to loosen up, mingle, and celebrate something meaningful, they’re also a time for your organization to really say something.

What makes events so much better for communication than other formats? 

They allow for undivided attention. That memo or email? Who can guarantee that anyone will read it? And, if they do, that they’ll understand the message as it was intended. When your CEO quiets the room, an instant audience is created. A captive audience. And, one that can participate in the conversation: ask questions, offer input, express interest or concerns. Attendees walk away with clarity, not potential confusion.

They create excitement. Depending on what you’re trying to communicate—results from the last quarter, a new initiative, organizational changes—your message will have a lot more life if it’s presented live. The buzz of a crowd is much louder than the low hmmms of a hundred separate individuals. And we know that excitement is a key ingredient to high engagement—something we all could use a little more of.  

They provide a platform for public appreciation. The purpose of your event may not have anything to do with expressing appreciation, but it’s still the perfect time to do it. You have everyone gathered and you have their attention. Don’t pass up this opportunity! Carve out some time to talk about how much you value your employees as a whole, and also to put the spotlight on groups and individuals who have had recent successes. No matter how positive your message, you can elevate it even more with a little recognition.

So, the next time you want to send a message to your employees or rally them around an idea, push away the keyboard and pull them all together in person. You’ll be glad you did!

Events are an important part of the Hi to Bye™ experience you can create for your employees. Contact us today to find out how you can make the most of them—and how the right tools can help you boost engagement, improve morale, and create a great place to work.

About the Author:

Allison has been a professional writer since 2002, with experience working in a variety of business environments dating back to 1993. Her breadth of knowledge comes from time spent on both the manager and employee sides, as well as her years immersed in the employee recognition industry. As a writer, she insists on the Oxford comma, loves to un-dangle dangling participles, and often indulges in the subjunctive mood. True story.