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Go Ahead: Unleash the Power of Peer Recognition.

I remember the first time I recognized one of my coworkers. Or, I should say, the first time I gave peer recognition and really understood how powerful it could be. It was an eCard, I think, and the recipient sent me a message back telling me how it had made her day. Think about it: how often does that really happen? If you’re highly sensitive, I suppose something as simple as a good cup of coffee or sunshine after a few days of dreariness could do the job. But, for most people, it takes a pretty hefty event to be of day-making caliber.

Truth is, peer recognition is pretty hefty. What can peer recognition do that other kinds of employee recognition can’t?

It can have a greater impact. Don’t get me wrong: recognition from managers is both necessary and effective. But, it’s our peers who are beside us every day. They see what our managers don’t see. They know directly how we affect their work and the outcomes the team produces. They are the experts, you might say. So when a peer shows admiration for or appreciation of our work, it means a lot. I would argue it means more.

It builds relationships. Without a platform in place for peer recognition, we might not know how our colleagues really feel about us or our contributions. When peers recognize each other, it opens up a dialogue. A conversation. From that, trust is built. Once a colleague is willing to announce to the whole company that another employee is bringing value, their motives become clear. Clear in a good way. Mutual respect is the ultimate result—and great culture cannot exist without it. 

It fills in the gaps. When we talk to customers, they inevitably tell us that they or their managers are too busy to give recognition. I’ve never met a manager who isn’t too busy, so I get it. Of course, this reality shouldn’t get them off the hook; they just have to get a little creative with their time and their resources. And, one resource is their team. By empowering their team to participate in recognition, managers not only relinquish a little control, they help ensure that an important moment isn’t overlooked because they weren’t at the right place at the right time.   

Feeling convinced that you need a little peer recognition in your workplace? One of our best solutions comes in the form of nominations, which are part of our points program on the RecogNation platform. Points are not only a way to ease the pressure that’s put on busy managers, they’re also a vehicle for getting peers involved in the recognition process.

Learn more about points by downloading our guide or requesting a demo today!

About the Author:

Allison has been a professional writer since 2002, with experience working in a variety of business environments dating back to 1993. Her breadth of knowledge comes from time spent on both the manager and employee sides, as well as her years immersed in the employee recognition industry. As a writer, she insists on the Oxford comma, loves to un-dangle dangling participles, and often indulges in the subjunctive mood. True story.