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Here’s What You Need to Give Your Recognition Program a Boost.

I’ve worked at a lot of places over the years. Few had any type of recognition program in place—not even traditional service awards. And, when they did have service awards, I still wouldn’t have gotten one with my 3-year, 8-month tenure or my 4-year, 3-month tenure (though I got close that time, didn’t I?). Yet, those employment spans are above average considering the current trends. If I’m not proof that companies need to rethink the who, what, and when of recognition, then surely the newest members of the workforce are. The current tenure for Millennials stands firm at three years.  

Those companies that have no recognition programs? I’m not sure they can be reached. Those that have service awards at least understand that some recognition is required to motivate, engage, and retain their workforce. But waiting until the five-year mark? That’s a mistake. (Read above.) Giving service awards yearly, beginning at year one, is a good start. But, the reality is, much more is needed to make a meaningful impact on employees. 

Because… service awards only demonstrate that longevity is valued. That showing up, day after day, year after year, is what matters most. (Although, showing up certainly does matter!) But, what about the actual work that is being done day in and day out? What about the attitudes and behaviors that create great culture and successful business outcomes? It’s all the stuff happening between anniversary dates that really makes the difference. And, one of the best ways to highlight that truth is through points and nominations.

Points are an incentive tool available through RecogNation that allow you to reward your employees based on any criteria you want. They can be used for customer service, sales, performance, safety, wellness, teamwork, core values, or any other behaviors you want to encourage. Managers can give them, and they can also be set up so that peers can nominate each other to receive points. Over time, your employees accrue points that can be redeemed for merchandise, award cards, and more.

What’s great about points and nominations is that they’re not only motivating, they’re also a way to engage with your team consistently and frequently, creating a well-rounded recognition program. One that considers more than just a once-a-year achievement. Add in the peer nomination element, and you have a way to build respect and teamwork among all employees.

Want to learn more about points and nominations? Download our free guide here. Or, skip to the end and just give us call at 888.919.7600!   

About the Author:

Allison has been a professional writer since 2002, with experience working in a variety of business environments dating back to 1993. Her breadth of knowledge comes from time spent on both the manager and employee sides, as well as her years immersed in the employee recognition industry. As a writer, she insists on the Oxford comma, loves to un-dangle dangling participles, and often indulges in the subjunctive mood. True story.