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How to Fail Your New Year’s Resolutions on Day One

Like with New Year’s Resolutions, office goals for the new year can be hard to keep. Each year we believe we’ll do better than the last, but often that doesn’t prove true. Even within the first day back on the job in the new year, it can go very, very wrong.

Kind of like this…

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you think that everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, when in fact only about 41% of people usually do (according to Statistic Brain). This means that when you walk into the office on January 2, you’re full of hopeful expectations of a new day, a new year, and a new and improved workplace. But Badmouth Bob didn’t make a resolution not to badmouth his family or his children or the coworker with an office next door.

And, even though you may have seen our recent post about thankfulness in the workplace, you haven’t done it yet. Or even given it any thought. You vowed to make thankfulness and recognition a daily thing, but those plans have already fallen through, and you’re not sure what or who to recognize today, so you know that today will slip by without recognition as well.

Since recognition will have to wait until tomorrow, the resolution to eat healthier might as well wait until tomorrow too. You see the Christmas cookies and other baked treats still in the common area, so you decide to go ahead and put off starting the new diet. Because why not?

Now you’re back at your desk, and you have a stack of papers that accumulated while you were out of the office. Overwhelmed at the amount of work you have to do, you decide to do a little Internet browsing and read the news. It seems fair, you think, even though you said you were going to be more productive at work this year and reduce the amount of time you spend on the Internet.

After about 30 minutes of that (wait…it was 3 hours!?), you realize it’s time to go, and the first day of the new work year has gone by without so much as a resolution accomplished. You decide to leave yourself a sticky note with an inspirational quote to start over tomorrow. Because everyone deserves a second chance, right?


Office Goals for the New Year

With so many ideas for personal and professional New Year’s Resolutions, we want to offer a few suggestions to help you narrow it down. Feel free to tweak this list as needed, removing from it or adding to it, to fit your company culture.

  1. Give your employees a clean slate. No one likes last year’s baggage hanging over their head, especially if they’ve made progress.
  2. Let go of the grudge. It does you and your employees no good to have tension between each other. Your goal is company growth and profit, and coming together as a team will make you that much more successful.
  3. Build a more positive work culture. Adding rewards and recognition to your yearly agenda will go a long way in creating company recognition, improving employee work satisfaction, and boosting employee performance.
  4. Exercise good leadership. Employees don’t really work for companies, they work for managers. Make the effort to learn how each individual defines their fulfillment, and be sure to challenge them accordingly. The environment of growth you facilitate will help you connect with your team in ways that build relationships.
  5. Have fun in the office. The best part of success is the celebration that follows. Potlucks, picnics, and parties are affordable ways that you can celebrate your employees’ successes with a little fun.

We Can Help

One of the problems with New Year’s Resolutions is that we make too many of them. And when there are too many, we can’t focus on any of them. That’s why you have us. We have the products, services, and industry experts to help you come up with goals, and then prioritize and accomplish them. Click here to request a demo, or call us at 888.919.7600.