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Improve Your Business with 6 Stepping Stones to Success

Every company in the history of the workforce desires healthy profits. To get there, you can look at your business model all you want, but it only gets you so far.

What you really should look at is your people. At least, that’s the start. We have six ways—stepping stones, as we call them—to get your business from the desert of mediocracy to the lush green meadow of success. Check them out:



First, start by hiring the right people for the right positions. As we discussed in a recent post, we’ve all had a key position open up that needs to be filled immediately. So, what do you do? You look to hire someone as quickly as possible. But, if you’re only concerned with the amount of time it takes to fill a position, you’re focusing on the wrong thing.

Instead, be willing to invest the time in finding the right person—the person who not only fulfills the job description, but the person who is a good culture fit. Having the right people in the right positions makes all the difference in your goal to improve your business and, ultimately, increase profits.



Second, it’s important to communicate the “why” behind what you do. As a business leader, you need everyone on your team to understand their purpose with your company and how they fit into the big picture—i.e. how does their job contribute to your business, your clients, the community at large, and so on?

This is really the beginning of the emotional connection—the sense of belonging and accomplishment—between your company and your employee, which is necessary for retaining them.



Third, how will your team get there? It’s necessary to create clear-cut goals and measurements of progress, so you’ll know when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

Don’t be surprised if there are bumps along the way—there will definitely be bumps, and maybe even roadblocks. But with a clear vision of the end goal, and clear steps of how to get there, you and your employees can stay the course.



Fourth, you need to have passion behind the work you do. Passion can come from within—that inner drive an employee has to work hard, accomplish goals, and make a difference—but it can also be inspired. Where passion is present, exceptional performance (our next step) occurs.

We talk a lot about our solutions here on the blog, and this is where they come into play. Whether you organize sales contests, create an incentive program (bonus: you don’t need a budget!), build a points program, or put another motivator in place, our solutions help you garner passion behind your initiatives and motivate your employees to accomplish them . . . with gusto. Because who doesn’t want the satisfaction of redeeming points for merchandise, or receiving a bonus, or enjoying a free day of PTO!? And, who wouldn’t want to work at an organization that offers these rewards?



Above-and-beyond performance is a result of the first four steps: having the right people in the right positions—who know why they do what they do and how they’re going to get there—and infusing their work with passion through rewards, points, incentives, and more.



Increased profits are a result of the above-and-beyond performance that was inspired by the first four steps.


Are You Stuck in Mediocracy?

If you feel stuck in the desert of mediocracy, trying to achieve big goals but not able to do it, you may be focusing on the wrong stepping stone. If you’re only targeting performance to increase profits, you’ll never get to the other side—the lush green meadow of success.

So, shorten your stride and focus on the first step—your people. And as you take each step, you’ll build a more positive work culture, which will positively influence your bottom line.

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