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Kinship: Is It All About Me? Or All About We?

Did you know that only 14% of executives believe that the traditional organization model (based on organizational hierarchies) makes their organization highly effective? According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends, leading companies are instead adopting a more flexible, team-centric model.

Deloitte shows that “the way high-performing organizations operate today is radically different from how they operated 10 years ago.”

And here’s where the opportunities are: 88% of survey respondents believe that building a more team-centric model is important, but only 11% believe the understand how to build it.

Historically, teamwork has had its ups and downs. While older generations have experienced first-hand the challenges of working with a team of others (think: conflict, imbalance, distrust, dysfunction), younger generations have a better understanding of personality types, work styles, and other factors that influence how teams work together. And with more awareness comes more effectiveness.

Teamwork motivates individuals toward a common goal, it grows your team members’ ability to cooperate, it creates a reciprocal learning environment, and it ensures projects stay on track, even if part of the team is absent.

So, how can you facilitate great teams? You can start by making an effort to staff your department with the right team members. Not just a balanced blend of skills, but a harmony of personalities. The kind of group that complements each other; that learns from one another; that might actually LIKE each other.

Does that sound unimaginable? You may not be able to have every element, but the more you work toward this kind of compatibility, the more you’ll achieve the collaborations you’re looking for.

The next step is to foster a mentality of abundance. That is, one person’s success never steals from another’s. The ability to achieve, grow, and be acknowledged is not finite—there is always enough to go around. Too often on teams, we see jealousy and rivalry among members. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of maturity. But, even those who are more refined can fall prey.

Your job is to help every individual appreciate what their peers bring to the table. And, to help them understand that an entity with two heads (or more) is not an unwieldy beast, but a being that has the ability to see every option, no matter where it’s standing.

Few initiatives at RecogNation are put in the hands of one person to achieve. Not only is it not practical, it’s not effective. Why tap in to one brain when you can draw on the ideas of many? A few years ago, we challenged our entire staff to invite one coworker to lunch and return with an idea to grow our business. Imagine how tough this would have been had we asked each person to achieve that task alone.

The collaboration and idea sharing that resulted was phenomenal, and each duo got to enjoy the pride and accomplishment of presenting a thoughtful idea. Moreover, the acknowledgement for the outcome was shared, and not able to be owned solely by either person.


Try It

If you want to help your team appreciate the benefits and value their peers bring to collaborations—as well as why these collaborations are important—try a simple exercise. Ask team members to complete this statement for each of their immediate coworkers: “Our team is better with ____________ on it because ____________.” By compelling your team to consider their coworkers’ contributions, you help them see that, as a whole, they are better together than on their own.


Let Us Help!

Since teamwork is so essential to your business’s success, it doesn’t pay to overlook it. Good thing we can help you inspire teamwork within your workforce!

Our programs facilitate recognition from both peers and management to help employees feel appreciated and engaged. Engaged employees work harder, and better work means bigger profits . . . which means our program does good things for your company’s bottom line. Period.

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