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Purpose: Why Are We Here, and What Does It All Mean?

We all have different ways of answering who we work for, and why. While our reasons may change depending on the moment, we show up every day because that’s part of the agreement. But, what happens when we get there? More than battling a spreadsheet, connecting Part A to Part B, or picking up the phone before its third ring, why are we here?

The Problem

It turns out a staggering number of workers don’t know their business purpose beyond the immediate task at hand. That means their ability to affect change and to think about the bigger picture are largely lost to the immediacy of the moment.

As a business leader, you need everyone on your team to understand how they fit into the puzzle. And, what happens when their work leaves their hands and the life it takes on from there.

But how?

Think about the times you’ve introduced a new initiative: the decision to develop a new product, launch a new sales tactic, or add an extra assignment to an already full schedule. How often are these projects met with grumbling, dissonance, and an occasional collective eye roll from your team? You wanted enthusiasm, but you got exasperation instead.

What you might have been missing was the “why we’re doing this.” In your mind, it’s quite obvious: you’ve researched it, you’ve met with leadership about it—it makes good business sense, so you must go ahead. But if you don’t deliver that reasoning when you make your announcement to your team, you’ve missed the opportunity to bridge the connection between the undertaking and the results you hope to achieve. The work then is only more work, not a goal to be working toward.

The Hard Facts

Take a look at this: 60% of workers don’t know about their corporation’s goals, strategies, and tactics.

Aim to be one of the 40%. Take time to talk about your immediate goals and what you hope to achieve with the current projects you’re working on. Analyze work based on what you think will create the response you want from your customers—and be willing to adjust the approach once you’ve viewed it from that perspective.

By linking the effort to the result, you get the “why” and “what for.” And once you provide those, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reaction. You might find that your team wants to be a part of a project that will make a difference. You might find that they rise to the challenge. Some will even go above and beyond to ensure its success. And there it is: the enthusiasm you were looking for.


RecogNation Is Here to Help

We believe communicating goals and expectations, then rewarding them when they’re met, is the secret to creating high-performing individuals. We know consistent reinforcement can transform team members from average to exceptional—because we see it every day.

And that’s what we want for you!

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