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Ready, Set, Summer: Your Guide to Improving Employee Engagement

“Office cubicles are cells, supervisors are the wardens, and modern management theory is skewed to employ as many managers and as few workers as possible.”

Have you ever known a workplace like this?

According to a review by film critic Roger Ebert, the 1999 movie Office Space is a “comic cry of rage against the nightmare of office life. . . . It is about work that crushes the spirit.”

It’s a hilarious movie that addresses some serious issues about the workplace that are still relevant today. It’s a shame when work “crushes the spirit,” especially since we spend an average of 30% of our life at the office.

Office Space Workplace Motivation Meme

Whether your workplace is as rough as Office Space or you’re just dealing with a few engagement issues, we have a few tips to share with you.

Use a Point System to Improve Motivation

Points are a tangible tool for rewarding your employees based on any criteria you want. Blast those summer blues by offering points for meeting sales goals, above-and-beyond customer service, completing a summer-long project, participation in a summer wellness program, performance improvement, and so much more. You can also give points for attendance, encouraging office presence during the summer months. The great thing is that you get to choose!

Points will get your employees to do what you want in a way that makes them want to do it. Because points don’t just add up; they add up to real rewards that your employees want—like merchandise, gift cards, cash, and maybe even a free lunch, casual day, work-from-home day, or vacation day.

When employees know they’ll get a little something extra for their efforts in meeting or exceeding goals, it drives them to keep their focus on the tasks ahead and put forth their best work.

Need help getting started? Our employee recognition program is flexible and can be fully customized for your company—point values, merchandise, and more. We want to help you keep employee engagement high, even during the summer months.

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Honor the 40-Hour Work Week

You may think that less time equals less results, but you’d be off base. Limiting the work week to 40 hours will actually improve effectiveness and productivity, which will contribute directly to your bottom line—output and profits. It’ll refresh those employees who are burned out and tired of their job. And, for those who aren’t burned out, it’ll show your appreciation of their time and respect for their work/life balance.

Facilitate Summer Fun in the Office

Office Olympics is a fun way to get those endorphins working and associate your office with fun and good vibes. Create predetermined teams including participants from different departments to participate in relays and other activities. There are so many engaging ideas, but here are a few to get you started:

  • Desk Chair Sprint – Create a race course with chalk or tape and use cones as obstacles. Have one person sit in a desk chair and have another person maneuver them around the course. The first team to complete one lap around the course wins!
  • ID Card Toss – Create a court by setting up three hula hoops as targets on the floor. The closest hoop will count for one point, the next closest is 10 points, and the furthest hoop is 30 points. Each team will select two people to compete, and each person will get five ID cards to toss. After all the cards have been thrown, tally up the team’s final score.
  • Office Soccer – Similar to paper football, but different. Create a ball out of a piece of office paper and have two people compete against each other to see how many goals they can score. Set up a goal by using your hands—touch thumbs together and press index fingers to the table to form a window. After five rounds, add up the scores and add to the combined team score.

Get creative with the activities you do and customize them for your office! It’s a win-win, because in doing so, you’ll create a supportive, positive climate of fun and camaraderie.

Make the Workload Consistent

Especially in the summer, employees can feel like work is holding them back from the true meaning of life—vacation, time with family, rest, relaxation, etc. There’s nothing worse than feeling bored at work when you could be outside doing something active.

Boost the productivity of your team by giving them enough work to fill their 40 hours. It’ll benefit your employees in a couple ways:

  • Eliminating the temptation to slack off and waste time surfing the internet or chatting with coworkers around the water cooler all day. The last thing you need is to replace good office habits with bad ones.
  • Producing feelings of satisfaction because they contributed something worthwhile to your business. And since they’ll feel satisfied in their work, they’ll want to contribute even more. (See the cycle?)

 When your employees leave work feeling satisfied, productive, valued, and appreciated, they won’t see evenings and weekends as an escape.

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