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The Best Hr Resources To Keep Your Hr Skills Sharp

The 5 Best HR Resources We Use

Whether you’re an HR team of one or ten or more, it’s important to have external resources at your fingertips to help you solve those HR puzzles and employment mysteries. Or to help you deal with employee performance problems, set the right salary ranges for your industry, and polish your recruiting techniques.

We’ve asked our very own HR Manager, Amy Ziel, to share with us a few of her favorite resources and go-to HR sites that can help you navigate the wonderful world of human resources. Here’s what she said:


Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM is like an HR best friend. With tools like job descriptions, how-to guides, vendor connections and knowledge, an eLearning library, seminars, webcasts, and so much more, they are Amy’s one-stop shop for HR info and knowledge.

But . . . she has a recommendation: “I would recommend becoming a member so you have full access to all the resources on the site."

Being a member gives you access to additional resources through their magazine, daily email updates, conferences, etc. Plus, it creates a group of HR professionals you can connect with across the U.S. and in your local town.

“It’s important to stay connected to other local HR professionals,” Amy said. “SHRM has local chapters that host monthly meetings that HR professionals attend for networking and education. The state-sponsored SHRM organization, in our case MISHRM, also hosts an annual conference, which is great for networking with other professionals and is educational and informative.



In addition to SHRM’s local chapters, LinkedIn can be a great way to stay in touch with fellow HR professionals, both nationwide and locally. While a lot of professionals think of LinkedIn as a digital resume or a great resource for recruiting, hiring, and learning, it’s also great for expanding your network. The LinkedIn:HR group is the #1 Human Resources Group on LinkedIn and has frequent discussions on concerns, issues, and problems facing HR professionals.


Employment Law Updates

“Attending an employment law update facilitated by a local employment law attorney at least once a year is very important to me,” Amy said. “Not only am I hearing overall trends or what may be upcoming, I’m getting it from a local perspective so that I know what the primary hot topics are in our state and hometown, not just at the federal level.”


Bob Kelleher

“For employee engagement, workforce trends, and leadership tips, I really like Bob Kelleher’s work,” Amy shared.

Bob Kelleher, for those who don’t know, is an award-winning speaker and thought leader on each of the topics Amy mentioned. He’s also written four books on employee engagement: I-Engage, Louder than Words, Employee Engagement for Dummies, and Creativeship. And, he has a YouTube channel with many viral employee engagement videos, including “Who’s Sinking Your Boat?” and its follow-up video “Why Is Your Boat Still Sinking?


Ted Talks

Our content team has a few go-to resources for our own content and thought leadership, and one of them is Ted Talks. This site has probably the widest net of ahead-of-the-curve ideas we know of, and it’s great for keeping our minds sharp, embracing our curiosity, getting inspired, learning something new, shifting our perspective, and exploring the possibilities when it comes to just about anything—even above and beyond HR.

We’ve watched many of the talks on employee engagement and leadership in the workplace, but we’ve also watched talks on the power of introverts, how procrastinators work, how body language can shape who we are, and more. Why? Because we know that employee engagement is about the whole person. And we know that it’s not just resumes, work styles, and personality traits that give us clues about how to engage our employees.

You may have to do a little digging, but you can find great talks on resumes, company culture, work-life balance, and more.


Give Them a Go!

Amy summed it up perfectly: “There are so many other resources that you can tap into, but I would say if I had to have a top three or four, these would be it.” So, don’t wait—join up, subscribe, and expand your network. You’ll be glad you did!

Plus, you have us! Our RecogNation blog offers thoughts, ideas, and expert tips on lots of HR-related topics. But, we also move one step further to implementation. We cover the “why” but we also help you with the “how” through our in-depth programs and rewards that keep your employees engaged and focused. Request a FREE demo here, or call us at 888.919.7600 and ask to speak with one of our sales representatives.