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Using Incentive Programs to Instill Core Values

At a previous job, I was faced with the task of reviving the company mission statement with a new set of core values. With the evolving workforce, changing industry, growth within the company, and shifting leadership it left the company with a dull set of values to rally around. Tackling the challenge of integrating these changes to thousands of employees across multiple countries seemed like a daunting and nearly impossible task. But, I quickly discovered that there are programs that can be successful in gaining sincere buy-in from the workforce.

Gaining Leadership Buy-in is necessary to shift an organization’s culture in a strategic manner. It’s valuable to have input from the full organization to develop a proper analysis and create a plan, but for change to occur you need managers to lead by example.  By gathering the managers for a fun day mixed with workshops and activities to inspire them they should gain an understanding of their impact on bringing change within the company. Be transparent with them about why the change is necessary, what you hope the results will be, and coach them on how to implement the changes within their teams.  

Once you have leadership excited to deploy the changes to their teams, arm them with tools to help with a successful transition. One, all, or a combination of these tools will help your managers apply the company’s core values into their teams’ normal workday.

On-the-Spot Point Cards offer a solution that immediately rewards a behavior and often in a social setting, earning a high impact rate.  Managers can be allocated an allotment of cards to present at their discretion. When they observe, an employee demonstrating a core value they present the employee with the card. The points from the cards can be redeemed for rewards. Managers will have these cards at their fingertips, so they will never miss an opportunity to recognize and reinforce the behaviors that make the company great. 

Nominations from peers and managers are a recommendation for recognition, and on approval, deliver points as a reward for demonstrating core values. Nominations not only create stronger team connections they also provide the incentive to continue positive behaviors. Ultimately, nominations and the associated reporting tools bring the best of the best into the spotlight—right where you want them to be. Again, the earned points can be redeemed for rewards such as merchandise or giftcards.

Shout-Out Boards are another high-impact option for peer and manager recognition. With a bulletin board and shout-out slips readily available in high traffic areas, anyone can give a shout-out. This strengthens the connection between employees and showcases desired behaviors. Shout-out boards are the ultimate social recognition for everyone to see who is embracing the company’s values. At the end of the month, or when the board is full, draw names from the shout-outs to give an employee (or two, or three) a reward for embodying the core values of the company. 

At RecogNation, we not only reward three employees who received a shout-out, but we reward two employees who gave a shout-out to help encourage continued participation in the program. Genius right? 

It’s easy for employees to lose their way when it comes to living out the core values and virtues that make your organization great. And, it’s not always easy for leadership to identify the shining stars in an organization. Yet, knowing who is really driving success and reinforcing the brand values/virtues that set you apart is a critical component to your business and culture. 

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