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Wacky and Fun Workplace Holidays to Celebrate in February

Retaining top talent is a constant struggle for all companies. A key tool in making sure you’re retaining them is by engaging with them and creating a sense of belonging in the workplace! An easy way to do that is by dusting off your party hat and giving your employees a reason to mix-and-mingle throughout the month.  

Taking your employee’s workplace experience to the next level isn’t as scary as it sounds. It simply takes some organization, thoughtfulness, and being tuned into your corporate culture. There are dozens of fun holidays each month that your organization could choose to celebrate. We will talk about a few event ideas, but all you need to do is pick the ones that fit your corporate culture and employees best. 

National Pizza Day – February 9th

Who doesn’t love a good pizza party? You could even make it interactive by taking a poll of employees’ favorite toppings. If your budget is tight, soften the blow with a penny war over whether pineapple should or shouldn’t be allowed on pizza!   

This is great opportunity to incorporate an educational session, sample new product (but do not touch with greasy fingers!), or have a brief presentation about a current corporate initiative. People will be happy to listen or appreciate having a conversation starter while they fill their bellies with delicious pizza.

Be sure to accommodate food allergies by mixing in some gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian options.

Mardi Gras – February 13th

This French holiday may have a bit of a scandalous reputation, but it actually features a lot of fun traditions that are work appropriate. 

King Cake is a delicious treat made of sweet brioche bread that sometimes has filling and is molded into the shape of a ring and then topped with a glaze and sugar. But here’s the twist—it has a very small figurine or trinket hidden inside. (Since the figurine could be a potential choking hazard, make sure everyone knows to watch for it.) 

In the New Orleans tradition, the figurine is usually a small plastic baby, but feel free to get creative with it! And, depending on the size of your office, you could have a variety of figurines or trinkets that result in prizes or rewards for those who discover them in their piece of cake. For example, the winner(s) could be the designated “king” or “queen” of the office for the day.


Valentine’s Day – February 14th

Working on a tight budget? This holiday might be the perfect one for you. What goes better together than Valentine’s Day and chocolate? Hint: only employee engagement and happy employees. 

One idea would be to host a baking competition. Ask employees to bring in their favorite chocolate sweet treat and then choose a judge or two to decide the winner. You could give the winner bragging rights or maybe a fun trophy made of a large chocolate heart. The possibilities are endless!


National Margarita Day – February 22nd 

Now, you may be thinking: “There’s no way I’m bringing tequila into our office!” But hang tight—that isn’t a requirement! Virgin margaritas are still a fun and festive drink that employees will enjoy. And even if your company is cool with tequila, it’s nice to offer an alternative.

In celebration of the day, ask your employees to wear their favorite floral or vacation shirt. Once the margarita bar opens and everyone has a chance to grab a drink, get everyone together for a quick picture. It will be a great memory to capture and can help with recruiting, social media, or your company newsletter.


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