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You Can Start a Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program with Little to No Effort!

Camaraderie is crucial for positive work culture! And it’s about time to unleash the power of peer recognition in your workplace (that is, if you haven’t already).

Peer-to-peer recognition programs help build relationships, respect, and teamwork among your employees. They’re invaluable in the overall success of your organization, because without a unified team, no one wins.

And guess what? You can get peer-to-peer recognition started in your organization TODAY with little to no effort!


Our Peer-to-Peer Recognition Ideas:

Traveling Trophy. Get employees recognizing one another by initiating a traveling trophy. One of our previous peer recognition programs focused on rewarding “Spot on” behavior, so we used a stuffed dog named Spot as our traveling trophy. Each week, he’d get passed around from employee to employee who knocked an assignment out of the park, finished a project early, went out of their way to help a peer, etc.

It’s fun to watch the trophy travel through the company and see who gets recognized and why. Plus, having a visual to show for one’s recognition is a pride-giver and motivator. It serves as a reminder of accomplishment, appreciation, and camaraderie.

Big Bucks. Let employees give each other “bonuses!” Design your own company money with a fun name and logo, and then distribute a certain amount to each employee to give to their peers as recognition. Give guidelines as to how you’d like the bucks to be dispersed—such as qualities or initiatives to be recognized—and watch how people work harder and closer together as a team to accomplish their goals.   

Set an amount to be reached and have employees redeem their bucks for prizes and rewards, such as gift cards, corporate apparel, a sweet treat, etc. Bigger ticket items could include: a reserved parking spot for a week, getting let out of work early on a Friday to enjoy a long weekend, lunch out with a manager, and more!

Praise Post-Its. Handwritten recognition goes a long way. As a words person, I know the value and impact words have on people’s attitudes and actions. Encourage meaningful and personal notes of affirmation between employees by giving out post-its or designed cards for them to write down their praise and present to their peer.

You could even go one step further and put up boards in a common area, where employees can tack up their post-it as public praise. Then, at your next company meeting, you can pull a few off the wall, read them out loud, and grant special prizes or treats to those who were recognized by peers.

Digital Dash. We live in a social world—so why shouldn’t employee recognition jump into the mix? With all the social media platforms on the scene today, there’s value in modeling recognition after it. For example, you can congratulate peers with an eCard—which is an easy, effective way to celebrate employee birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments. Or you can give out Nominations (think about them as “likes” or “comments”) which is a way for fellow team members to applaud each other for work well done.


Keep in Mind:

Go Beyond Work Friends. It’s easy to keep peer recognition within the individual departments. It’s true that they’re the employees you know best and work with most often, so of course you’d have more to recognize. But, it’s so important to branch outside of just those departments. They may not work together today, but what about the future? Company-wide collaboration is a must for ultimate success.

Don’t Forget about Manager Interaction. Peer-to-peer recognition should only be a supplement for your other recognition programs. Peers recognizing peers can fill the gaps and alleviate some of the pressure managers feel in their day-to-day work load, but it doesn’t mean managers are completely off the hook. Managers should lead the charge! Their recognition carries the most weight and is the most valuable feedback for professional development and growth.

 We’re Here to Help. We didn’t even get to all the peer-to-peer recognition solutions! There are so many ways to get your employees involved, and we’d love to help you get it started. Request a FREE demo here, or call us at 888.919.7600.