Turnover is costing the healthcare industry a lot.

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The healthcare industry has one of the highest turnover rates worldwide. Some as high as 55%. We know this because we work with hospitals, senior living centers, and other healthcare facilities every day. 

What's causing your turnover?
Do these four challenges sound familiar?

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    You know healthcare workers have options. And, as unemployment rates drop and the qualified candidate pool shrinks, they have even more options. When an employee leaves, your facility is going to feel the pain: in the quality of patient care, in the morale of remaining employees, in new recruitment costs, and in the turnover spiral that often comes next. The ability to retain your staff is critical. You might feel powerless, but you’re not. We can help.

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    You also know that some employees are leaving for opportunities that pay as little as 25¢ more per hour. It’s not about the money, even if you think it is. It’s about how they feel. And if they’re not feeling good, why not give another place a try that also happens to pay a slight bit more? What makes employees feel good is a sense of belonging, a real connection with peers and managers, and the knowledge that they are valued and appreciated. That’s engagement and it’s not as difficult as it seems.

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    Could you define your culture if someone asked? Would doing so make you cringe? The true question: Can your employees identify your culture and their purpose within it? If you have a retention problem, you have an engagement problem, and if you have retention and engagement problems, then your culture is probably in the pits. Truth. Good culture is the product of high job satisfaction, strong relationships, attentive leadership, frequent and genuine recognition, and a sense of purpose. It is absolutely possible to achieve all of this. We can promise it because we’ve seen it—in our clients’ success.

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    Have you ever paid a signing bonus? Being in the healthcare industry, you probably have. And, if that person you worked so hard (and paid so much) to get in the door leaves within a year, then you just kissed that money goodbye. If you can’t get retention, engagement, and culture in harmony, you’ll keep on blowing those kisses. That turnover number up there? That, which doesn’t account for signing bonuses, by the way, is the cost of neglecting the elements that make your facility a great place to work. This has to stop, right? Talk to us now.

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