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RecogNation was recognized by HR Tech Outlook as a Top 10 Employee Recognition Consulting/Services Company in 2020

by Hanna Wilson

If life is a vehicle, inspiration is its engine, powering individuals to conquer new frontiers. The inspired trigger passion and strength in others to overcome mental barriers, bulldoze every obstacle, and set the achievement bar to a new level – creating more inspired people around them, which becomes a chain reaction.

Companies have come to see inspiration as a glue that holds their multigenerational workforce together in adapting to the changing business needs and embracing organizational development. After all, teams that breathe the same energy and share high touch moments stand a better chance of celebrating the diversity of thoughts, getting things done faster, and delivering high customer satisfaction.

Inspiring individuals, however, requires an environment that extends a caring hand and a deep sense of empathy and belonging. As social beings, employees can be fired up after reading a hand-written note of encouragement from the manager. A meme shared by a peer can bring a smile to the face in a tense situation, improving emotional well-being.

RecogNation focuses on fostering connections between individuals across the organizational hierarchy and recognizing every individual’s achievement and value regardless of their designation and geographical presence. At RecogNation, “We believe a community is only as strong as the connection of its people. When we reinforce purpose, foster connection, align efforts, and recognize achievement, people become inspired to reach higher and go further – for themselves, for others, and for their organizations,” states Andrew Bishop, general manager of RecogNation.

Employees like feedback, to be affirmed in their actions and feel appreciated for their efforts. And, if a company can implement a social recognition mechanism that promotes and reinforces positive employee behavior, that does a world of good to employee experience. In tune with this idea, RecogNation has built out their Employee Engagement Platform, an efficient social recognition and communication platform with empathy, belonging, and togetherness at its core. RecogNation’s platform makes employee recognition specific, measurable, and quantifiable. That means, the platform answers not only who is recognized but also why. This knowledge and understanding ignite the energy, passion, and talent of every employee across the board.

Unlike other employee recognition platforms, RecogNation elevates employee experience throughout the journey – from hi to bye. The company does this by capturing life events on both the personal and professional side. So, it is not only positive customer feedback that earns a reward or a shoutout for an employee, even new employee enrolment, long-term service, birthdays, new additions to the family, and retirement draw attractive rewards and acknowledgements from peers, senior managers, and executives alike. The experience of celebrating life events together as a work-family cements relationships between employees and the employer, something which financial benefits alone cannot achieve.

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