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The Good News Update!

Each day may seem a bit familiar, and like you are on autopilot right now. The routine of wakeup, rinse, repeat.

Groundhog's Day, in a sense that every day regardless of what your schedule looks like, feels like much the same. Essential worker, work from home or waiting to get back in the game. Each day brings a sense of consistency that we will soon be happy to shed.

As leaders, there is an opportunity to embrace these new routines and introduce new ways to connect, celebrate, and engage with your teams. At RecogNation, we've established the "daily huddle" to help us all stay connected, engaged, productive, and positive.

Our team collectively gathers on video chat every morning for 10 to 20 mins (yes – that's all it takes).

We talk about the start of our day and out top 2-3 priorities to accomplish that day. The daily huddle adds an element of connection and accountability.

It also helps each person articulate their top priorities, and when they check them off the list, it provides that much-needed sense of accomplishment. Even though we are all working from different locations, we all have that moment of engagement and encouragement that we need throughout the day.

Next, to keep us focused on moving forward in a positive mindset, we are always asked to share a 'good news' update—a little time to focus on the good in all our lives. Being intentional in finding and sharing the positive is great for everyone's health and well-being!

Last, if you want to find a way to mix things up and keep the energy flowing, find creative ways to 'gamify' the week or day. Set goals for the team mixed with fun incentives for when they reach them. What about remote work BINGO? Spot a toddler in the background, a puppy barking, or someone talks on mute…they are all BINGO spaces on the board that eventually fill up. Someone must win, why not have it be you? Mix in the 'virtual happy hour', allowing team members to share what is going on in their personal lives and what new or fun activities they are incorporating into their new normal.

This simple daily touch base makes all the difference when it comes to productivity, positivity, and engagement.

*Leaders: The importance of the weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 is more critical than it ever has been before as well! Let your team members drive the conversation and discuss what they want to talk about. Be that sounding board, positive connection, and coach that we all needed more than ever. Distractions and isolation are real threats to your team member's well-being and productivity. Establishing the right cadence for connection, alignment, and support is an excellent starting solution!