The Power of a Personal Note!

Unprecedented times call for something new, a salesperson writing his first blog post in hopes of sharing a unique viewpoint. Anyone that knows me might think this is a terrible idea. My thoughts tend to develop at a fast pace and just pop out. So, let’s give this a go and see how it turns out.

At RecogNation, our team has been asking for stories that we hear about the impact of our solutions in the workplace. The most compelling story I see and hear about time and time again is from one of our simplest solutions, which is most cases, don’t even have a monetary value tied to them: eCards! (this is a sales guy talking, remember)

The power of a handwritten note or virtual eCard has an immense impact on people. Don't kid yourself – you already knew that long before clicking this blog. The strong positive feedback from the recipients of these notes is fantastic. But, there’s a win-win here, because there are just as many ‘feel-goods’ that come from writing the notes.

As someone with terrible handwriting, virtual e-cards have become my go-to and are a lifesaver for me personally. I love receiving them and love sending them for just about any occasion. Whether a colleague is celebrating their birthday, work-iversary, promotion, new baby, project completion, or just needing a note of encouragement or gesture of sympathy – there are so many opportunities to connect with others.

I have been partnering with organizations for over six years now. Helping them develop solutions to drive employee engagement through a holistic employee experience, everything from Hi to Bye, solutions to engage, motivate, uplift, and encourage team members. We have dozens of amazing solutions in our arsenal. The one that I typically see make the greatest impact and that I get the most feedback on is the impact of our eCards.

Communication is consistently noted as a top area for improvement. Leaders struggle with connecting to staff with authenticity. What is more authentic than a simple note of recognition, praise, encouragement, or empathy?

Every quarter I get to hear about the wonderful stories and impact of these eCards in our quarterly client reviews which can be captured in some of the following sentiments: e-cards are authentic, funny, personal, emotional, encouraging, empathetic, and downright AMAZING!

If you have not done it yourself, I encourage you to spend a moment to recognize the good in someone today or send that uplifting note of encouragement. As I mentioned before, it is a win-win. Sending the note feels just as good as receiving them. All too often, we assume people know how we think and feel about them, but do they really? Speaking for myself, I love receiving these notes. They are always welcomed with surprise and aww.

"E-cards capture valuable data every month to continue driving our positive culture. Providing the necessary tools for Managers and Peers to give real-time encouragement, improve collaboration at all levels, recognize the big milestones, and facilitate new hire check-ins."

-Tiffany Nugent, VP of HR at UofL Health System.