Nov Blog 3

What We’re Grateful for Right Now

There’s a little feature of our On-Point platform, which you can read more about here, that’s making a big impact on our communication and togetherness amid these times of separation and perceived disconnection: our Social Feed. While our internal program/platform, On-Point, involves several moving parts, components, and features—each significant in their own way—having a streaming update of all the positive work happening among our four brands and various teams has been immeasurably valuable to our organization, as well as customers who have enabled this feature.

It’s kind of like Facebook, but without the drama and distractions. And, it’s kind of like LinkedIn, but specifically for us—and only for use by our team members. The result is a hyper-focused view of our internal dynamics, as well as a filtered, curated space for us to build our culture and community—and, most important, stay close and connected to each other and all of the great work that is occurring.

Whether in the building or not, our people are using the social feed to give each other shout outs, share about the projects they’ve been working on, drive communication, and express gratitude for one another. Not only are they getting a peek into what’s going on in other departments, they’re also getting a chance to spotlight others and, at times, find themselves in the spotlight. Even without a place to physically go, it’s still a destination where everyone can show up, check in on one-another, have conversations, feel thankful for the positives, and strengthen their relationships.

For us, as an organization, it’s a way to continue to foster our culture without four walls to delineate it. Birthdays, work anniversaries, and life moments also show up there, so, in the absence of an in-person celebration, we can still acknowledge these special occasions.

As we see a shift in what defines a workplace now and in the future, solutions like this will become more the norm—and a lifeline for teams and leaders alike. We built it, we’re grateful to have it, and we’re excited to bring it to businesses that need it. Contact us today to learn more.