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At RecogNation, we help you build a more positive work culture. Things can and should be better. Let us show you a whole new world of employee recognition.

The RecogNation Journey:
From Hi-to-Bye.

Recognition should show up throughout the employee experience. We’ve worked hard to identify your team members’ most important milestones. The result?

Our revolutionary system of targeted recognition solutions, covering the journey from onboarding to retirement. Or as we like to say, from “hi” all the way to “bye.”

Explore the Journey

First Days

First Days



Award-Wining Performances

Award-Wining Performances

Team Building

Team Building

Everyday Hi-Fives

Everyday Hi-Fives

Inspired Events

Life Celebrations


We’ve put our workplace-changing ideas into a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use digital platform. Check it out.

1 Our Tech Is The Best Of The Best
2 One Tool Multiple Solutions
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4 Our Platform Is More Than A Pretty Face
Our tech is the best

Fully Overhauled Experience

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One tool, multiple solutions

A Host of Recognition Options

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New Intuitive Social Feed

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More than a pretty face

Robust Reporting

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  • Our tech is the best of the best.
  • One tool, multiple solutions.
  • Get social.
  • Our platform is more than a pretty face (although it has that too).

Benefits Across the Board

Well-executed recognition programs spark employee engagement, invigorate workplace culture, and make good people want to stick around longer.

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    RecogNation members have an 18%–28% lift in engagement, manager relationships, culture, and retention compared with nonmembers. The numbers don’t lie: a workforce that feels appreciated means positive results everyone can feel good about—and our program lets your employees know how valuable they really are.

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    HR Departments

    Only 8% of HR managers report that their employees feel highly valued. Of this group, over 80% have two or more recognition programs in place. Every HR manager will agree: happy employees make life in Human Resources a whole lot easier.

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    The top three reasons organizations implement a recognition program is to improve morale, express appreciation, and boost culture. It’s not rocket science: when good work is rewarded, employees feel valued—and happy employees produce good work. This is a cycle you want to be caught in.

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