Recognition needs a revolution.

We provide the comprehensive solutions that help create an environment where all team members can thrive, not just survive.

The statistics say it all.

Companies all over the world are finally realizing how important engagement is to success. Making authentic gratitude and appreciation a part of your company culture directly impacts everything from retention to productivity and beyond.


Employee experience that goes further.

Most recognition programs only focus on one or two aspects of employee appreciation and aren’t made to reach everyone. At RecogNation, we bring everyone into the conversation of engagement, in meaningful ways, at every point in a career journey.

Above & Beyond programs
Only a select few receive recognition.

Service awards programs
Recognition is hit or miss – and not designed to reward performance or behavior.

Our comprehensive approach.

Equip leaders with the tools to show appreciation and value.
Empower peers to encourage and uplift each other.
Reinforce the values that set your culture apart from others.
Foster connection in all areas of your organization.

It’s time for a transformation.

Our goal is to shake up the run-of-the-mill (aka boring) recognition trends by creating a whole new movement that totally transforms workplace culture, taking your whole team from disengaged to highly engaged and thriving.


bird on branch

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