Tertiary Teambuilding 2X


Recognition is in Our Roots

In 1983, when technology was a new frontier, our parent company, Baudville, consisted of a handful of geeks gathered around a single Commodore VIC-20. (It looked something like that, we think.) They had a vision: to be leaders in the computer gaming industry. That’s not exactly how things went for them. But, one theme remained consistent over the next 30-plus years: to always be ahead of change.

Oh, and change happened. A lot. From 8-bits, to software, to certificates, to the creation of Baudville Brands, which encompasses multiple distinct brands to satisfy every facet of the employee experience. Each entity—Baudville, IDville, Pure Promo, and RecogNation—taps into a specific workplace need to create a powerhouse of appreciation, security, belonging, and engagement. Power. House.

As one of the newest brands, RecogNation is, without question, the product of years of trial, error, success, and a-has. Though the name RecogNation may be new to you, it’s backed by experts who have seen it all and done even more. We’ve witnessed technology built from the ground up and people built up by the power of recognition. Ultimately, what we’ve learned is this: every moment in a career journey matters. And, companies who acknowledge this and act on it have the greatest success. High engagement. Low turnover. Happy people. Happier customers. Exceptional performance. Exceptionally positive culture.

The RecogNation Manifesto

It’s time for change: energy fuels optimism, passion ignites, culture shifts. When we recognize achievement, we spark impact. When we’re given a lift, we reach higher and go further. Look around you—we’re poised at the intersection of satisfaction and success. Let’s step forward with confidence. Let’s renew this place, purposefully shaping an environment of positivity. Until each person knows their worth, we’ll stand with you. Never settling, always improving. Together, we’re starting a recognition revolution. Together, we’re RecogNation.

We birthed Baudville Brands and RecogNation with all of this in mind. At RecogNation, we merge the convenience of technology with the sentience of human connections. For the first day you say hi to a new employee until the final day you say bye to a retiree. 

Our approach is what makes us one of 101 Best & Brightest Companies To Work For, both in West Michigan and nationally. It works for us and it can work for you!