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Our technology is secure, dynamic and built from the ground up to cultivate engaging company culture.

Moments Feed

We live in a social world – so why shouldn’t company culture be social as well? Our moments feed creates awareness, promotes the good, fosters community, and fuels a steady flow of digital high fives! Sit back and watch your employee engagement soar.


A boost of encouragement, an offering of support, a word of praise. These moments are beyond important for mental and emotional well-being. We make it easy for leaders and employees to share the power of a personal note through authentic, funny, emotional, encouraging, empathetic, and simply amazing eCards. They’re the perfect vehicle to foster connection and build community.


Reinforce core values – the traits and behaviors that distinguish your company culture from others. Equip teams with a vehicle for highlighting shining star moments when they see someone embody a core value in the workplace. When celebrated, these critical feedback moments are the catalyst for establishing the building blocks of great work – inspiring others to reach higher and achieve more.

Spot Recognition (Redeem-A-Code)

Need a tool leaders can use to recognize individual acts of greatness in the moment, without all of the risks, headaches, and lack of visibility associated with your traditional corporate gift card program? We’ve got you covered. Our spot recognition cards are a simple, easy, trackable way to replace legacy gift card programs. Amazing reporting, visibility, insights, and analytics paired with compliance, security, and spend control. All designed to drive a whole lot of real-time recognition.


Across organizations large and small, people have opportunities to build real relationships with their coworkers. One of the simplest ways to do that is through the celebration of milestones and special events. By integrating teammates’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other timed achievements into the social engine, employees can wish each other well, say congrats, and celebrate with each other on these special days – quickly and easily right from their home screen.

Manager Reminders

Today’s leaders are juggling so many tasks and responsibilities that it’s hard to keep track of everything. Our platform will help ensure that even when things are hectic, they’ll never miss the important events in their team members’ careers. From a 90-day review to a birthday or anniversary, our manager prompts will keep important dates front and center and provide useful tips for making the most of those milestone moment celebrations.


Life and work are increasingly busy, and it’s easy to forget just how much has been achieved or how much we’ve grown over time. Our timeline feature allows employees to look back at every moment of recognition they’ve received in their tenure at your company. It’s also a great way for managers to visualize impact and get a snapshot of how peer-to-peer relationships are building and strengthening teams.


Real-time updates and insights are just one click away. Wow your C-suite with program metrics, trends, and benchmarks with our easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

All the rest!

We designed our technology with flexible functionality to help organizations craft the just-right platform for their unique company culture.

  • Our points accounting system will help get a handle on your spend and manage points allocation.
  • We’re held to the highest of security requirements and are GDPR compliant.
  • Our responsive platform is optimized for any mobile device or tablet with SMS text messaging and Single Sign-On.
  • Integration with your preferred HRIS provider.

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