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5 Tips for Re-Engaging Quiet Quitters

The internet gave “quiet quitting” its name. Now it’s time we name some strategies to overcome it.

What is quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting is when employees slowly detach from their jobs, often while looking for new work. Although the term is new, the concept isn’t. It is employee disengagement. It is burnout. And it has been a problem for a long time.

The last few years has shed light on (and in some cases even accelerated) this disengagement. Now that it’s been exposed, we can strategize how to re-engage employees.

5 Tips to Re-engage

1. Continuously listen and act

Frequently gather feedback from each of your employees. Make sure you’re asking the right questions at the right time. Then once you’ve gathered answers, act on everyone’s feedback. Giving your employees a voice in the company’s direction is empowering. It’ll ignite passion and turn your team members into advocates of your organization.

2. Turn managers into coaches

Support your managers with the resources and technology they need to be effective coaches. Encourage weekly one-on-ones and provide a tool for tracking two-way feedback. Offer training on empathy and having high emotional intelligence. With all of this, you’ll nurture coaches who can truly impact and guide employees.

3. Carve personalized paths for growth

Give employees the opportunity to continuously learn and grow. After all, it’s the number one driver of a great work culture! Most employees want to grow, but it can look very different for each person. Find out their personal goals and individualize that path of learning. Together, you can form a clear vision for the employee’s career progression and personal growth journey.

4. Utilize gamification and trackers

Many people enjoy measuring every aspect of life from steps to calories to sleep. Why not replicate the same experience at work? Employees are motivated when they can track their performance and receive immediate feedback. Especially in the form of peer-to-peer praise! Gamify the whole experience with an engaging and meaningful points program.

5. Show you genuinely care

Truly invest in your employees and take the time to know them on a personal level. The above tips will also help show you care! Listen and act on feedback. Support and coach rather than simply managing. Create an environment of continuous learning and growth. Inspire employees with day-to-day recognition. At the end of the day, truly caring about your employees – and showing it – is the best way to engage them.