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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Revolutionizing your culture is bound to spark some questions. Wonder no more! Satisfy those burning curiosities with our list of common questions.

What is the cost of your platform and services?

We operate from a transparent SAAS model that separates the costs of the technology, administration, support, customer service, etc., into a set month-to-month fee. This keeps these costs isolated from the dollars invested into the recognition solutions for your team members.

Do you have hidden fees and markups on merchandise and award values?

There are no hidden fees or markups on any of our merchandise or other redemption offerings. The value invested for rewards are transferred outright dollar-for-dollar to the recipients.

Explain your corporate philosophy regarding employee recognition.

We believe there is no moment too big or too small in the employment journey that does not require some form of acknowledgment or feedback. Businesses are made of moments; our reactions to those moments are what drive company culture, shaping the results that follow.
We believe most managers and leaders want to show appreciation and acknowledge others’ great work and behaviors. However, most don’t know how to express those feelings and are lacking the tools to feel comfortable doing so.
We are on a mission to change that reality and to challenge what are often dismal engagement statistics within companies by equipping leaders with the know-how and tools to celebrate and appreciate their team members, furthering culture and performance, and fostering connection between employees and their work, team, and organization.

Can your platform integrate with our HRIS system?

We have established API connections with most leading HRIS providers. Our development team is happy to review the availability and accessibility of an API integration with your preferred provider. Should it be feasible to establish an API connection, we have the team to make it a reality for you.

Do you offer single sign-on?

Yes, SSO is a popular choice for our clients.

Do you have an app?

Yes, we do! You can download the mobile app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Do you support global locations and employees?

Yes, we currently administer programs with team members located in over 100 countries. We provide full language translation, in-country reward fulfillment, culturally relevant catalog offerings, and more.

What is the estimated amount of time needed to launch a program?

We have found that time estimates vary dramatically per customer and program. Our standard implementations are estimated at six to eight weeks and then expand or shrink from there depending on a variety of factors: program complexity and components, technology integrations, availability of customer resources, approval processes, communications launch strategy, etc.