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Getting Tangible Results in a Virtual World

We’re revolutionizing recognition. At RecogNation, we help you build a more positive work culture. Let us show you a whole new world of employee recognition.

One of the great parts of being a recognition company is having first-hand access to the solutions we design, build, and sell. While collectively we are Baudville Brands, individually we are Baudville, IDville, and RecogNation. And, each of these companies has Baudville Brands as a client.

Interesting, huh?

Who would we be if we didn’t trust our own products to do what they say they will—and test them and tweak them in real-world scenarios to make them as high performing as possible?

One of the products we’ve been honing for several years that has proven essential this year more than ever is our technology platform, which, for Baudville Brands, has the program name of: On-Point. On-Point is an online hub that encompasses a number of features that help us stay connected, send notes of encouragement, and express our gratitude for one another.

There’s a recognition aspect where leaders and peers can nominate team members for exceptional performance and efforts and a points system in which recipients earn, collect, and redeem those points for various rewards. There’s an eCard section that features hundreds of options for all occasions. And, there’s a social feed that displays all of this activity and more. We’ve been using the platform for quite a while, but never has it been so significant as it is today. In fact, it’s impossible for us to imagine functioning as well as we have and keeping our culture and morale intact without it.

While we, as a company, use it for top-down communication and business updates, it is largely driven by our people. The majority of the recognition, notes of encouragement, and social posts are user generated. In fact, about 90% of the activity is some form of gratitude shared between peers, or announcements about big and small wins happening among teams. With a percentage of our staff working at home or with staggered on-site schedules, it’s the one space that brings us all together, and allows us to keep an open dialogue going for everyone and continue to recognize each other—even when apart.

Our HR Director, Tricia Huizinga, sums it up. “It’s a way to check the pulse—for leaders as well as peers,” she says. “There’s so much that you would never know about because you’re not working with a certain group and you’re not hearing their conversations. It’s really great to read about their work and know what’s going on.”

And, with our physical Shout Out wall taking a back seat during this time, eCard use has been brought to the forefront. In fact, it’s up 200% from last year. That’s a testament to our desire to stay close, carry our culture forward, and keep our community intact.

As we continue to maintain our focus on the importance of gratitude, having this platform; this vehicle—created by us and for us, as well as for our many clients—has been a game changer.

“This is really the tool we needed to stay connected,” Huizinga says. “It’s the tool we didn’t know how much we needed until we hit a pandemic.”

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