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Pre-Boarding & Onboarding

First Days icon First Days

Starting a new job brings up a ton of emotions. There’s excitement, hopefulness, and eagerness. But there are also some uncertainties and anxieties. In the first few days of employee onboarding, it’s important to create an emotional connection to the brand, the company, and new team members. These connections are essential to ensuring new employees hit the ground running and sustain that excitement and energy through every day that follows. Start creating those connections with our unique pre-boarding and employee onboarding tools:

Welcome Gift

Pre-Boarding Welcome Gift

Follow up their acceptance with a “Wow!” first impression before they even start. Custom kits, curated by you, sent right to their door. No hassles or headaches because we handle all of the administration and fulfillment. Hello first-day excitement, goodbye first-day jitters.

First Day Essentials

First-Day Essentials Kit

Connection to one’s brand, team, and leader are crucial to early success. Start them down the path of encouragement right from the get-go by creating an Instagram-worthy first day that showcases why your culture is above the rest.

90 Day Thank You

90-Day Thank You’s

Equip your new hires with a vehicle to say “thank you,” show appreciation, and connect to those that have been most influential and supportive in their early days. Use our Redeem-a-Code technology to find those brand ambassadors in your organization—fostering the potential for mentorship or guidance for other new team members down the road.

Pro Tips

When you hire a new employee, they aren’t the only ones who are experiencing change. Make the acceptance of a new job a celebration that can be shared—like sending a gift card so new team members can take their family or friends out for dinner. Demonstrate your people-centric company culture before they even walk in on their first day.