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Birthdays, Baby Kits & More

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Company culture isn’t just built during office hours. When employees’ home lives are acknowledged and celebrated, the sense of community and connection is strengthened, commitment increases, and motivation for individual and company-wide success grows.

New Baby

New Baby

Oh baby! Let us help you welcome the newest (and littlest) additions to your work-family with customized gift options that fit your brand and celebrate this important life milestone with your team members.

Marriage 1


Celebrate their big day with an on-brand gift of your choice. We’ll work together on finding the perfect one--it’ll be a match made in heaven.

Prairie St Johns Birthday Box


Everyone has one. Every year. Take advantage of this opportunity to further your people-centered company culture by equipping leaders with the tools to celebrate these special days fairly and consistently for all team members.

Pro Tips

Not everyone celebrates their birthday or feels comfortable being the center of attention. Use our digital platform to allow team members to set their personal preferences so you can respect each individual's personal wishes.