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Three Tools for Remote Employee Onboarding

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Even before the pandemic, when your first day at work was at the office instead of in front of your computer screen, we understood the power of proper onboarding. In fact, we were early adopters and advocates of what’s called pre-boarding—that warm welcome that comes in between the accepted offer and the day your new hire enters your building for employee onboarding.

But, what happens when there is no door to pass through—except to their own home office? No tour of the building? No in-person introduction to colleagues? No first-day lunch with the boss? No Friday happy hour with the team?

We believe that’s when your pre-boarding and onboarding processes become even more vital!

If you’re one of those organizations that needs to fill a position during these times of staying home and staying distanced, you’re faced with a challenge unlike any you could have imagined a year ago. How do you instill a sense of belonging and connection without the traditional first-days and first-weeks milestones? How do you infuse your culture without the usual methods?

You adapt. Just like you’ve been doing so well for the past 12 months. And, with the right tools, applied with intention, you don’t just manage or get by—you exceed expectations.

Let’s take a look at our first-days solutions that are designed help you assimilate new team members, even from afar.

Pre-Boarding Kits. For new hires, there’s excitement in accepting a new job, but also uncertainty. A selection of welcome gifts that arrives at their doorstep prior to their start date tells them that you’re invested in them and you’re enthusiastic about their contributions to come. These custom kits, curated by you, leave a lasting impression and a feeling of security and inclusion. You’ve reassured them that they’ve made the right choice—and that’s a pretty big deal.

On-Boarding Kits. Branded essentials, such as notebooks and other desktop needs, start their first days off with confidence and connection. A quick scroll through LinkedIn tells the story of the impact on-boarding gifts have on new employees. They’re wowed. Sometimes floored. They’re so impressed that they’re compelled to shout to the world the kind of reception they got from their new employer. Long after that post has been liked and celebrated, the emotion of that welcome lives on.

Ongoing eCards. Now, more than ever, this is the part you need to get right. The effect of your early welcome efforts will wear off eventually. It’s important to keep the communication and reinforcement going to ensure your new employees still feel seen—in any situation, but especially if you you’re only seeing them through a computer screen. These notes of encouragement and appreciation will go a long way to maintaining their perception of belonging. Send them frequently and consistently for the greatest impact.

Take these actions and you can continue to drive your people-centered culture—no matter where you are.