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4 Ways Tech will Change the Future of HR

Revolutionary technologies are emerging that are going to change HR and how it functions – We believe for the better!

We are currently witnessing a tech boom. Between AI, AR, VR and beyond, there are tons of technologies that are becoming popular today. Much of this new tech will fundamentally reshape the way we work. Let’s take a look at how HR technology in particular is evolving.

1. Automation is coming – with a human twist

More and more AI tools are becoming available to employees. Of course, new technology comes with both pros and cons. But those who avoid embracing AI may miss out on potentially helpful resources. For example, HR will benefit from automated chatbots, personalized onboarding, and more. These tech tools will increase efficiency and give HR professionals more time to focus on human needs and fostering personal connections.

2. Innovation will reshape the talent landscape

For the last year or so, attracting and retaining talent has been a big challenge. New tools and methods can help fill the gaps. One trend could be a blockchain technology that creates permanent digital records of employees’ career accomplishments. This could ultimately replace traditional resumes. On the retention side, internal talent marketplaces can serve as hubs for development. Employees can see their growth opportunities and leaders can spot high-potential employees.

3. New tools will improve wellbeing and productivity

Employees are more productive when they feel their best. To ensure they feel their best, prioritize physical and mental wellbeing. There are new tools available that can help you in this endeavor. Some examples include access to a benefits platform, mental health apps, virtual training, employee engagement software, and more.

4. Data will be at the center of everything

HR professionals have seemingly endless data at their fingertips. Instead of only relying on gut feelings, leaders can make important decisions using analytics. Provide training for executives to refine their data literacy skills. Data can enable you to:

  • Pinpoint and measure KPIs
  • Assess which programs are successful
  • Identify top performers
  • Effectively manage compliance

As technology continues to alter the workplace, we need to embrace it rather than shy away from it. It is natural to fear the unknown and be resistant to change. But we can overcome some of these fears and open a whole new universe of opportunities with technology. At the same time, we also need to continue embracing an empathetic, people-first approach along the way. After all…we’re in the people business for a reason!