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6 Action Steps to Change Your Company Culture

A top goal for companies today: Create a thriving company culture. To do so you’ll need constant feedback, adjustments, and recognition.

What is company culture?

Company culture can be difficult to define. Is it a vibe? Is it values? Generally speaking, company culture is a combination of behaviors, attitudes and interactions that establish an overarching feeling within an organization. So, culture is not just one concrete thing!

Why does company culture matter?

Having a positive culture helps employees feel comfortable, supported, and inspired. There are many benefits to a positive company culture including, but not limited to:

  • Happier employees
  • Satisfied customers
  • Increased revenue
  • Growth opportunities
  • Higher productivity
  • Maximized recruitment
  • Healthier staff members
  • Better reputation

If you find your organization lacking in any of these areas, it may be time to change to your company’s culture!

6 Action Steps

1. Assess current culture

Before you seek to improve your company culture, you must first understand your current culture. Observe the positives and negatives so you can assess what needs improvement. Talk to your employees to gain other perspectives. How they view your culture is very important. Fostering a thriving culture is for them after all!

2. Dream up ideal culture

Think about your ideal company culture based on your learnings. What aspects of the current culture will you keep? What needs to change completely or be added? Put together a small committee to determine the direction to go. Assess how your ideal culture can reflect organizational values and support long-term goals.

3. Create a plan

Next, create a strategy for implementing the ideal company culture you’ve dreamed up. Establish a timeline and set benchmarks so you’ll be able to measure progress. Develop incentive or motivational programs to keep employees on track. Prioritize transparent communication throughout your entire plan.

4. Execute and adjust

It will all have been for nothing if you don’t take action! Follow through with your plan. But don’t consider your original strategy the “end all, be all.” Seek out ongoing feedback from your employees. Adjust along the way if part of the plan isn’t working or is being received poorly.

5. Highlight positive behavior

The next step is making your new culture stick. There’s no better way to do so than through positive praise. Recognize your employees when they demonstrate behaviors that align with your company’s new culture goals. Highlight these moments on a digital platform for all your other employees to see. They’ll be more engaged and inspired to emulate those behaviors.  

6. Rinse and repeat

Improving your culture is a never-ending project. Even once your culture plan is complete, continue assessing it. Spark conversations periodically so you can constantly improve and modify your culture. You’ll find the need for adjustments as you learn more about your employees and the ever-changing world around you.

Company culture is not just a buzzword. It’s something that can turn “just a job” into a place where people feel valued, seen, and respected. Take ample time to dream up and implement it!