Oct Blog 2

Tech Spotlight: eCards

As we covered in our last post, a positive, healthy culture can be nurtured from anywhere at any time. While we focused on what leaders can do, it’s important to remember that your organizational ecosystem is activated and fed by everyone’s involvement. Showing team members’ value should not just come from the top down, it should also be exchanged laterally, among peers. Earlier this year we had one of our Employee Experience Partners write a post on the Power of a Personal Note, reinforcing the value of communication and connection in building one’s culture. Today’s tech feature builds on that as we highlight eCards.

RecogNation’s technology platform can facilitate communication, connection, recognition, and appreciation in many ways. Our eCards are one of the easiest and most impactful vehicles still today. It only takes a couple of minutes to find the right card; type a personal note of encouragement, praise, appreciation, or celebration; schedule the date and time for auto-delivery; and hit submit. These couple of minutes can lead to years of impact. From new relationships formed; the right timing for a much-needed pick me up that keeps someone on the team; reinforcement of a career-changing activity or effort; and more, eCards are authentic, funny, personal, emotional, encouraging, empathetic, and downright AMAZING!

There are more than 150 cards to choose from that are used for all kinds of occasions. Below are some of the top trending categories:

Expressing gratitude. When it comes to filling and refilling the emotional equity tank, few words are as powerful as simply saying “Thank You.” Our appreciation eCards run the gamut, covering everything from work ethic to attitude to performance to teamwork to everyday thanks. These words never get old, and we could all use some more of them!

Commemorating life moments. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and births are all cause for celebration, while other not-so-pleasant occasions can be at least comforted with words of sympathy or concern. Even if you can’t acknowledge them in person like you ordinarily would, an eCard can help you engage in employees’ and peers’ personal lives in a meaningful and caring way, to solidify that they are more than just an employee or co-worker to you.

Giving a warm welcome. How you handle an employee’s first days and the weeks that follow determine their long-term outcomes. A welcome card shows a new hire that you’re excited they’ve joined your company and you’re committed to making them feel integrated with your team. Fostering connection and forming relationships early on is critical to long-term team performance and success.

Sending encouragement. Whether a team member is struggling or excelling, reassurance can propel them forward, lifting them from a slump, or elevating them to even greater heights. In today’s trying times, an inspiring message—or even just a note to say, “I’m thinking of you”—may be needed more than ever.

Recognizing achievements. Great job! Whoop, whoop! Hello, awesome! However you say it, your recognition of a team member’s success is sure to elicit a smile, affirm their efforts, and motivate stellar work down the road. Even the smallest of wins is worthy of a virtual high five.

There are so many reasons to connect with your team members—and opportunities to strengthen relationships among them. eCards are just one simple, yet impactful way to keep the energy flowing.