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How Technology Keeps Us Connected—and Inspired

We’re revolutionizing recognition. At RecogNation, we help you build a more positive work culture. Let us show you a whole new world of employee recognition.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve talked about how technology connected our teams in various work environments. The focus has been on video calls with offsite staff, but regular Zoom meetings are only part of the strategy. We, and our clients who use our services, also employ our technology platform to add the touchpoints needed to express gratitude, to keep everyone engaged and on track, to provide a sense of direction, and, perhaps most important, to tell the stories of star performers.

On Point, our internal program, has a separate Nominations section that everyone in the organization (regardless of role, title, or seniority) can use to appreciate, acknowledge, and shine a light on the great and inspiring work of others, leading to a special reward for a deserving individual.

So, what makes Nominations such a big deal?

First, they put the ability to recognize in team members’ hands. While some organizations only allow recognition from top leadership or managers, Nominations is a great vehicle and an empowerment tool that gives everyone in the company a voice and say in the process. This feature provides team members with a means for expressing gratitude and communicating success stories when they feel inspired by another’s performance. Additionally, it carries significant weight and meaning for the recipients because:

  1. The Nomination forms take time and thought to fill out.
  2. The Nomination must go through levels of approval.
  3. The Nomination usually results in a greater reward.

Nominations are also a way for leadership to identify their shining stars. It’s common for upper management to be detached from the day-to-day ongoings within teams. While in meetings, coaching team members, or participating in other leadership responsibilities, it’s easy to miss some of the great and inspiring work that is happening within the job environment. While on the flip side, peers working more closely with one another often have insight into behaviors and actions that drive and propel the business forward. When a nomination is created, reviewed, and approved, it’s the kind of recognition and visibility that is needed to reinforce the values that drive one’s culture and a positive work environment.

And, at many organizations—including RecogNation, and Baudville Brands as a whole—Nominations are tied to core values, reinforcing what matters most. So, while they’re a vehicle for expression and recognition, they’re also a vehicle for communicating and driving the values that separate your culture from the rest. More simply put: when team members know what they need to do to succeed, it’s more likely that they will.

Finally, Nominations have the opportunity to provide a special moment of recognition for the recipient. We encourage everyone who uses this option to make the presentation of the award a big production. It’s a reason to celebrate and an opportunity to put shining stars in the spotlight. We recommend presenting the award in person, if possible, and reading aloud the nomination for everyone to hear. If in-person isn’t an option, schedule a dedicated video meeting to make sure awardees get the public acknowledgement they deserve, while furthering the visibility and positive affirmation of the value driving activities for all to see.

We know it’s these positive reinforcements—needed now more than ever—that will help organizations move culture and conversations forward. And, help make a significant impact on everyone involved. It has made a difference for us and it can make a difference for you. To learn more, request a demo today.